Stepping Heavenward

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I had a blessed weekend, and the blessings  just continue.  Before the worship service started, when I first sat down in Jane and Dan’s pew, she handed me a CD and told me she had bought me a copy because it is something she has been listening too for a while now and found it a blessing in her life.  It is Fernando Ortega’s The Shadow Of Your Words, and it has been a soothing balm for me for the past 36 hours.  Whenever I am in my room, which is quite often, I am listening to it.   Some very wonderful passages of scripture put to music, as well as some favorite hymns put to different arrangements, like Great Is Thy Faithfulness.

Today I received a ‘welcome home’ email from her, and she told me that soon I will be receiving a new copy of Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss. This is without a doubt my all time favorite book, and not certain if it is fiction, but it is written from a heart that is totally seeking Christ.   It was written in 1891, but it is timeless.  Though written to and for women, many men have benefited greatly from it as well I’m told.  It is one of those books that you simply  have to share with your girlfriends..which is what I did and my copy is long gone.  All I ask is that it keep being shared, my new copy is ‘on it’s way’ per Jane.  She also encouraged me to keep my nose in my  bible, which I will do.  I have decided to spend this week continuing to read the book of James over and over again, as well as Ephesians 4.

One great quote from the book is one I really need to remember:

“Remember that it is His will that you should be sanctified, and that the work of making you holy is His, not yours.”

Sometimes I forget that I cannot do it, I have to allow the Potter to mold His clay vessel into what I should be.  But I will do my part to be pliable clay and not fight what He means to accomplish. Part of that is to be  at church whenever possible.  Like Wednesday evening, I will be there for the midweek bible lesson and prayer meeting. I just wish I could go to women’s bible study on Friday mornings, I miss that time so much!  Jackie always picked great studies to do and I always benefited so much from them.  The fellowship with other women was great too.  Guessing I’ll have to get back into Women’s Outreach for the fellowship side.

The one service I will have to miss is the candle light service on Christmas Eve.  It is at 7pm this year, and we’ll  have a house full of family at that time for the annual family gathering.   But one never knows…it is only an hour and I could slip out unnoticed maybe….  🙂

OH it is SO good to be back home again!

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