A 30 Day Challenge…

I’m not at all certain when I think I’m going to have the time to actually do so much reading, but I’ve decided to take the 30 Day New Testament Challenge. (see the button on my side bar and the page of that title above on my menu)

I tend to do better when I have a goal in mind and this seemed like a great way to not only read my Bible again but also to then blog about the things that stand out to  me in that reading.  So I’ll be participating in that challenge and hoping to really accomplish the goal! I have not determined a start date for myself but plan too pick one and roll with it. It may start on January 1, but first I want to check in with those hosting this challenge and see what their plans are going to be for the challenge.

This is the lovely weather we are having here in the tri-state, oh the joy.  I made it in to the office late but I am here safe and sound. Thinking lunch will be delivery?

Obviously MARvelous

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