YES!!!!! Merry Christmas To ME!!!

I’ve always been big on literal translations for the bible, and the research I had done way back when (27yrs ago) said that the New American Standard was about the most literal in translations.

When it comes to scripture memory, I prefer the New King James version, similar to the King James, I love the wording.

Well recently I decided to splurge on ME, something I had not done for a very long time.  So while out surfing the web across the Family Christian Store website, I came across a very feminine covered women’s study bible in the NKJV and decided it was time for a new bible.  They use this version at church too so that helps, and it is pretty close to literal as well.  I only ordered it on Monday so I really did not expect to see it so soon, but there it was on the porch from the UPS man when I arrived home from work today.  I am SO excited!!!!  It seems to be a great study bible, with a lot of study tools specifically for women.  My sister was quite pleased that I took time to Google for a coupon code and saved $17 on the purchase as well, ever the thrift queen that she is!

I’m looking forward to more time in the Word again tonight as I continue with “Psalm 51; The Way Back To God”, which already with one chapter has me craving more and more of God’s Word and learning about the forgiveness and restoration I can claim as mine in Christ.

One more way to  motivate myself to memorize Psalm 103 and 51.

2 thoughts on “YES!!!!! Merry Christmas To ME!!!

  1. To God Be the Glory….God has anwered my prayers…and He has drawn you to himelf. I will continue to pray for your transformation. 🙂
    love,Lisa T.

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