Spreading My Wings A Bit More…

If you follow my other blog page you know that taking steps of  independence in being single has been difficult for me, way outside of my comfort zone.  It started with getting my own phone number, apart from the now ex, and the phone I wanted that I ‘didn’t need’ so wasn’t allowed to have it.

Over the past year there have been many such steps in my metamorphosis from my cocoon, mostly baby steps but once in a while, as today, I take a bigger one.

Francesco Marino / FreeDigitalPhotos

My pastor had forwarded information for a family enrichment retreat at the end of the month, and it is for couples and singles!  I registered today, a huge step really as I will be going alone.  Oh I am certain there may be others from my church, but I’m going to go, have my own room, and attend by myself.  For me this is a big hairy deal! 

It is exciting because I do anticipate it will be a very good retreat dealing with conflict between people in a family/relationship,  from a biblical perspective.  I’m certain the things taught will be applicable in all relationships.  I really miss the Mid America Reformed Baptist Family Conferences, so even though this is only 1.5 days, it will be good to be in a group of believers learning from God’s Word  in a relaxed, casual setting.  I can hardly wait!

And it is exciting that I did it, all on my own, all by myself!  🙂

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