Lent – My Decision

I had talked yesterday of giving up social media for the 40 days of lent, but then after researching, and prayerful thought, realized that would not be what brought me any closer to my Savior.  What I need is some serious prayer/quiet time each day.

I pray, and try to read the Word daily, but I need some structure to that, some baseline to work from.  So I’ve decided to pick a book of the bible and read through it, a chapter a day, rereading throughout the day as I have time.  For prayer, I need a list.  I used to keep a prayer list/journal and pray through that list every morning, first thing.  That practice died away long ago but it is time to bring it back as a habit.  I think after 40 days it will indeed be a regular part of my day again.

In that quiet time of prayer, I will keep a list of needs and requests that are daily brought to the throne of God when I sit  at His feet.  I have a growing list of the young people that I used to be a teacher and youth helper for, that are heavy on my heart of late.  They will be on my lips every day. As will several other people that I know have strayed and need to return to their faith.

In an effort to also do better at keeping this vessel I travel in, in better condition, I am going to give up the sweets in my daily consumption for the next 40 days.  No more ice cream, cookies or candy.  When I want something sweet I will reach for my sugarless gum.  I will also find something to do for at least 10 minutes a day, toward fitness.  I keep trying to get this started and fail.  But with the focus of a healthier vessel, in caring for the temple that the Lord resides in as I walk with Him, I will be more  inclined to follow through.  Just 10 minutes a day, for 40 days, and I’ll be on my way to a more fit me.  I pray for my health, but do little myself toward it, so why would I expect the Lord to just grant me this prayer when I am not willing to do what I know I should?

Those will be what I focus on through this next 40 days leading up to Resurrection Sunday, in an effort to seek the Lord and a closer walk with Him.

One thought on “Lent – My Decision

  1. Good luck! That’s easier said than done. Sometimes its hard enough to get to mass once a week let alone commit an hour everyday.

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