My New Adventure

YEARS ago when my kids were very little, I was an Avon Representative. I admit back then I did it to get things at a discount.

I’m doing it again, with the goal of hopefully being able to supplement providing childcare in my home, and eventually being able to support myself on the income. Lofty goals? Perhaps, but I’ve ALWAYS loved to think big. And since I am totally into social media, I LOVE that I can represent this great company via my very own site! Anyone, anywhere can order from my site, and even have the items shipped directly to them.

Just click in the left side bar to go to the ebrochures and shop the actual current catalogs. Order, pay and it ships directly to you right from the convenience of your home. If you are local, I can come to you! Your choice, and don’t we all love choices!

Stop by and check it out, get on my mailing list through my site so that when there are sales, or I offer a special, you don’t miss out!


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