When The Hurt Runs Deep….

One of my all time favorite Christian authors, is Kay Arthur.  I’ve read easily half a dozen of her books, and participated in a number of bible studies using her study material.  God has gifted this woman with incredible wisdom and the ability to teach God’s word and apply it to today. 

I’m getting ready to start a study and book of hers, Our Covenant God, when I remembed another book I have, “Lord, Heal My Hurts”.  I will  have to dig that one out too.  I went over and checked to see if it was available on Kindle, in case I no longer have it boxed up in the garage, when I stumbled upon book she wrote that looks more in tune with what I am seeking, “When The Hurt Runs Deep“.  I glanced over the pages available to read online, and this looks like a wonderful book.

I by no means think that I am at times not  still impacted by past hurts.  While I am happy, there are moment when things creep up unexpectedly.  I’ve always come away from Kay Arthur’s books and studies on far more solid  ground and with a heart much closer to God and with a much greater desire for His word.  As soon as I have the money, it is going on my Kindle!   Hmmm…sounds  like the perfect gift for one of my kids to buy me for Mother’s Day…..

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