Being Less & Wanting To Be More

“Simply shouting on Facebook about your Bible believing tendencies with a verse quoted every few days isn’t enough to convince anyone that you truly do believe what you say you do. When you post pictures of someone you dislike and you discredit them, malign them and seek to gain likes to yourself by discrediting others NOW we really show what we believe and hold as truth. In this case, we show others that ego runs my life.” ~ Sandi Krakowski

OUCH! Guilty!

First let me explain, I follow Sandi as a sort of online business coach.  She is amazing.  I had no clue who she was, just stumbled on her on Facebook one day because of the pink in her hair.  Being a woman who likes sporting that color in my bleached locks, naturally I was drawn to check out another woman, this one amazingly successful, who is not afraid to be in her 50’s with Neapolitan colored hair.  She is a Christian, and a business woman who is the social media guru for online selling as far as I can determine.

Today in her daily email, she was talking basically about what we truly believe, and to paraphrase, walking the talk.  That paragraph above jumped out at me, especially in light of things I’m studying lately in the Bible.  Mostly about speech, the tongue, words etc.  I’m totally guilty.  When it comes to loving my enemies, when I’m the one being talked about and maligned, well let’s just say it is extremely difficult to find them lovable and act accordingly.

Sandi is hash tagging #BEMORE on everything of late and I love it.  Constantly reminds me that I need to BE MORE than I am now.

I also came across this over the past week, and went as far as to print it off and post in our offices at work, to encourage everyone as we are working through a difficult time in our company with the passing of one of the owners, and getting things back on track:

Start by doing what’s necessary; 
then do what’s possible;
and suddenly you are doing the impossible.
~Francis of Assisi

What is necessary for me personally is to keep studying God’s word.

What is possible for me personally is to BE MORE, pray more, love more.

And the impossible?  It’s in God’s hands!

So, I’m going to continue to BEMORE, follow Christ, read my Bible, and walk out my faith.

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