I Am Wealthy Beyond Measure

The message this morning at church was about wealth.  The world’s defining of it, and then true wealth.  While it isn’t something new to me, the message was so good and so rock solid that I felt compelled to evaluate some of the wealth that I have.

Nothing that I have is truly mine.  God grants me everything that I have and so often I forget to be thankful for those gifts.  No doubt you have seen, and if you haven’t then ponder this, “what if you woke up tomorrow morning with only those things that you thanked God for today?”  To be honest I would not have anything most mornings.  I am guilty of putting everything else ahead of my spiritual life on pretty much every single day unless I remind myself to be thankful.  Even my life struggles are something to be thankful for as they build a Christ like character in me.

I thought I’d take a moment, in reverse order of importance, to ponder the 5 “capital investments” of wealth spoken of in the message today, acknowledging those things that are the riches of my life.


I have a job, a very good paying one at that.  It has enabled me to have a number of great things as far as earthly possessions:

  • My adorable little car.
  • My phone, tablet, and Kindle Fire, all of which keep me connected on social media.
  • Makeup and clothes, jewelry and a ridiculous amount of trinkets and gizmos that I don’t need but want very much.
  • Food that goes well beyond what I need to sustain life, in fact it is the reason I’m over weight and need to shed some pounds.
  • Nails – those wonderful mani/pedi dollars spent to feel feminine and spoiled.
  • Candles, perfume, 15+ watches (really!) and so on….loads of completely unnecessary things that are not wrong, just not really necessary.

For these and so many more items I am thankful for God’s provision of  a job to purchase.  I need to be mindful to tithe 10% of my income back, which simply means saying “no” or “wait and save for it” to myself on those unnecessary things.


My brain, despite my 51 years, works quite well.  I process thoughts clearly, though sometimes too emotionally, and I’m smart. My intellect is one reason I have that wonderful job, because I am bright and thoughtful.  I can read, write and problem solve thanks to my amazing mind.  Read…oh the number of books there are to read and that I am able to personally own!  But I often forget to read the most important one on a regular basis, my Bible.  But I am so very grateful that God has given me my brain and the skills associated with a well working mind to do my job and put His Word in my heart.


My body works fairly normal.  All parts are functioning and reasonably healthy.  I can move myself about with ease (make no mistake aging is starting to be felt at times), I am unrestricted in range of motion.  And my body had plenty to eat!  Okay I have way too much to eat but that is something I need to control.  I am thankful for the unlimited supply of nutrition at my fingertips on a daily basis.  I need to take better care of this physical vessel I’ve been given to travel through this life within.


My life is full of family and friends.  I see my sister, nieces and mother every single day.  I am able to see my children as often as I wish, and my adorable grandchildren (biased granny here).  I’m able to smile and greet the ex-husband and hug his beautiful wife, all without bitterness but instead with much love on Sunday at church or a gathering of mutual interest (our offspring).  I am slowly meeting new family members in the church family and making new friends on this journey.  God has richly blessed me in the area of relationships, and I am very thankful.  I have forgiven every enemy I can think of and even pray for them and rejoice when I hear from mutual friends of those individuals successes in life.


Most importantly this prodigal daughter of the Most High King is back home where I belong.  Praying (never as much as I should) at the throne of grace, kneeling at His feet and knowing His hands protect and guide me when I am open to hear His voice.  I have a Bible that thanks to the financial wealth to purchase (roughly 5 translations and 8 or 10 copies which way more than I need) and intellectual wealth to read and understand, fills me with the Word of God and directs my path.  I have a wonderful church that I can attend each  week to feed my soul and my heart, not to mention my brain.  In fact every one of these 5 areas can be fed within God’s church, when a need might arise.  It is also a place I can help feed another, paying it forward when I have abundance to share.  And anything more than what I need truly is just that, abundance.

As if the message itself wasn’t enough, my favorite hymn with an upbeat twist, Be Thou My Vision, was sung this morning and I was just filled up with praise for God’s mighty work in my life.

It was a good message, and later this coming week you can watch or listen to it on the Crossroads website under the media section.  You can catch last weeks message on happiness there as well.

And for your enjoyment, last week’s rendition of Amazing Grace from the service.

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