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Struggling To Hang On To The Faith

Some days are so tough to be a believer.  Those days when finding the desire to read the Word is just not there and rote obedience to Christ is the only thing that will bring me to take that 15-30 minutes in the Word and in prayer.  Today is one of those days.  One where I wonder if my prayers even get past the ceiling or go unheard.  Of course I know they DO make it the ears of my Savior, but there is a little voice trying to be heard that is all negative and trying to cut down my tree of faith.  No way, not letting that happen.

I have a big choice to make today, one that will impact my spending over the next few weeks until next payday.  That choice that says pay your 10% to the church and God will be there to hold you up.  I know He will.  I have seen it so many times before, it is just hard to do sometimes.  Today it is hard.  But I’ll do it, right now, while the Spirit still has hold of me good.