Faith – A Work In Progress

Update on the big decision:  I continue to tithe and I continue to have enough money.  God truly does bless us when we obey.

But the struggle to keep my faith intact is not nearly over.  2 weeks ago, after dinner, my mom told me and my sister that her cancer is back, and this time there is nothing that can be done.  She has been given a year or so to live.

I know that year to year the landscape of life changes, but that is one landscape, the one minus my mom, I am not at all ready to face.  The Diva Den as we call this great house we all live in, will never be the same.

The best way to strengthen faith is be in the Word of God, so I’m trying to daily get there.  I downloaded the First 5 app from Proverbs 31 Ministries and can say that this is going to be a huge help.  Work days are tough to make time and that app is going to be perfect.  I also signed up for their next online Bible study, and the book for that arrived today.  And I know that the best way to be in the Word is to simply DO it.  Pick up my bible and read a few verses or a chapter and contemplate on it. Pray my heart and mind are receptive to what God might be trying to convey to me.

My struggle is real, but my God, my Father In Heaven, is far bigger than any struggle I will endure.  Great is HIS faithfulness!

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