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Showing Impartiality

In my devotional, Drawing Near, by John MacArthur, we’re in the book of James for the month of June.

My brethren, do not hold your faith in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ with an attitude of personal favoritism” ~ James 2:1

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The devotion discussed how we all are prone to treat other people differently based on a variety of criteria from race and gender to  looks and financial status. Thankfully we serve a God who does not show partiality, only executes justice. And as believers and followers of Christ, we need to be mindful not to give preference to some over others out of selfish desires.

The additional reading, Ephesians 6:5-9 and 1 Timothy 5:17-21 got me thinking. The final question was “how does God’s impartiality apply to how you should respond to your coworkers and your church leaders?” and that is when that still, small voice started to talk to me. At first I had thought, “I don’t show partiality to people, I treat everyone the same” and that was the start of the flash backs to things I’ve said about having to work with certain people, or others work ethics, and the complaining I’ve done to my select circle when I don’t like the schedule because I get stuck working with someone who doesn’t seem to share my passion for how I do things.

As I prayed about it, asking God to show me where this all applied to my life, He reminded me of just yesterday when I was miffed about not getting to work with the person I wanted to be with for the next shift. Oh the one I would be with is a hard worker, but I wanted someone else.  Que the remorse, I had screwed that up. Instead I realized I was indeed showing partiality. Instead of being thankful I had anyone working with me at all rather than flying solo, and a good worker at that, I’m whining because I wanted to be with a certain other aide for the day. I prayed about that little situation and asked for Abba’s help to not do this anymore and be impartial and grateful for whoever I am working with on every shift.

As I ponder this further I realize that in showing partiality, even if it is simply my inward attitude, I’m likely not making my other coworkers feel welcomed and appreciated. Especially when they work very hard to make sure they are carrying their weight.

Confessed and forgiven, it is an area where I will need to continuously check myself and my heart motive.