About Me

My name is Marti.

For a long stretch of years I was married and very active in my church.  A deacon’s wife who adored her husband and followed God diligently.  And then one day temptation started leaning heavily on the doorbell of mine and my spouse’s hearts.  We let it creep in, just a bit, to dabble with “innocently”.  Before long we were in a dark place of sin that while it seemed fun, was destroying our souls and our marriage.

Now divorced for a number of years, and after stumbling back to my former home church, I am back on the path I belong.  I made my way back to my Father in Heaven, my Savior, Jesus Christ, and begged forgiveness.

I am the daughter of the King of all creation, and yet I tossed my crown aside and squandered my riches and blessings leading a life I am now very ashamed of.  Like the story of the prodigal son, I had to reach the point of of residing in a pig sty of sin before I could see I needed to return home.

While I am no longer attending my former church, they are the ‘family’ I came to know in Christ for years, and I’m still in touch with many of them.  I now attend a church that while rather untraditional in many respects, speaks God’s Word in a manner I can wrap my head around, right here where the rubber meets the road.  And I am finding a love for His Word all over again, with my desire to live for the Kingdom.

My sins cost me much in the form of consequences, and the price was high.  Thankfully our Father forgives His children when they repent and desire to be changed.

If you wish to contact me? Just use the form below.

Love and peace in our Lord and Savior,


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